Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Austria- Random statements

  • There is seriously like only one building in Eisenstadt that has air conditioning, and that is the Haydn Conservatory. Although you would think this is unbearable, I've gotten used to it. It helps that it only gets up to like 80ยบ here, though.
  • I'm sitting next to my brother A, who is having a skype conversation with his dad about the type of beer he's drinking. It's kind of awesome... I probably couldn't have that conversation with my dad.
  • Tonight I finally got to perform the Mozart Requiem for the first time.
  • I totally resolved to take a picture of every meal I ate... I have only done this once. Oh well.
  • I like white wine. I like wine spritzers even more.
  • My roommate here is SO FREAKING DIFFICULT to live with. I snapped and started yelling at him last night.
  • I really like just sitting at a cafe and drinking "ice coffee" which is coffee with ice cream in it.
  • I had this spectacular bar of chocolate that had champagne in it... it was amazing.
  • I'm going to write more coherent statements later... you know, ones that have more than one sentence in them. I've been taking notes on each of my days, and I'll elaborate on them later.

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