Sunday, November 21, 2010

Carmina Burana

The big work that the OU School of Music has put on this semester is Carl Orff's Carmina Burana. It's been such an exciting production! The School of Dance has collaborated with us to create a ballet to go along with the music. It's such a cool opportunity to be a musician for a ballet! It's so fascinating to see the extra dimension that the dancers bring to the music. I've loved being a part of this production, and I hope I get to continue to do more collaborative works with people from other fields.


Joey W said...

dude! was totally gonna take my dancer best friend to see that ballet! didnt get to but still want to

Joey W said...

also had another thought after i'd already posted haha. this semester our new choir director is having us team up with the art department and they are painting our songs that we sing and displaying them during our concert. it's such a cool experience singing a piece then having the artists bring their sketches over to show us what they came up with, which is always fantastic. i love the concept of the arts coming together and working on similar things. it's not surprising how well this works.