Wednesday, March 2, 2011


As I've been driving around Norman recently, I've noticed a strange phenomenon: spray-painted grass.

I've seen several houses, businesses, and schools with grass that has a strange, unnatural green tint to their otherwise obviously dead grass. The coloring is uneven, and sometimes gets on nearby material, making it more obvious that the coloring is not natural.

Why would you do this? It's not aesthetically pleasing at all. I mean, it looks like someone took a dying Crayola marker and colored in their yard. It's not like you're fooling anybody into thinking your grass is actually alive. And what does it matter whether or not people think your grass is alive anyway? This is Oklahoma. Everyone's grass is dead. That was actually my first impression of the state when I did a college visit here in February of 2009- everything was brown. I was so used to seeing evergreen trees everywhere that I'd taken green for granted, and seeing so much brown everywhere was a bit of a shock. I've gotten used to it now, and I've also seen that there are green seasons here in Oklahoma.

But seriously. There's no reason for you to paint your grass. It's just silly.

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Nicholas said...

Sometimes is for grass treatment services. TruGreen and other like companies. I don't know if it is for that reason but so do it for this purpose. They have sprayed my lawn a yellow-ish color before.