Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Really? It's my car. I'm the one that's doing YOU a favor. If I want to give someone else a ride, too, then I can. If you don't like them, tough. Stop sending your tidal waves of animosity throughout the entire car, because it only makes things worse. And when you say you need to go RIGHT NOW I assume you mean RIGHT NOW. So forgive me when, as you're standing outside the car with your boyfriend, I think I misinterpreted you and go to talk to one of my friends. Don't get irritated because I'm holding you up, because you could have gotten in the car while I was still sitting in the driver's seat waiting for you.

Oh, and ladies in general? Forgive me for being so presumptuous as to talk about your period and your PMS as if I have any right to comment, because I know I have no idea what it's like. But don't be a bitch to the people around you and then say, "Oh, I'm PMSing" and expect to get away with it. Once in awhile, that's okay. Everyone is allowed to have their bitchy day every once in awhile. But when that becomes your automatic excuse, then nobody cares anymore. I know plenty of girls who are perfectly civil while they're PMSing or on their period, and if they can do it, so can you.

That's all.

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Anonymous said...

sounds like your car has a mind of its own...