Saturday, February 28, 2009

obnoxious part 2

Additionally, it is improper to offer people a ride in a car that does not belong to you, especially when you haven't asked the driver and owner of said car first. I get that you want to spend time with your boyfriend, but if I wasn't already staying after school today to work on stuff with S, then it would not have been cool for you to ask me to stay after so you could go on your little impromptu date. And while the extra gas money was nice, his house is on the OTHER end of the county.

and I should have said no. It's absolutely my fault for not saying no and being a total pushover.
But no more.

Today sucked. I can't go to the Coldplay concert with C. I'm going to be at the beach.

And I have to learn the rest of the Quantz by Saturday... AAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!


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