Tuesday, October 6, 2009

College is a great place in many respects, but I kind of miss having time to read. I mean, I could make the time to read if I really wanted to, don't get me wrong. It's just that the temptation to hang out with my friends has a stronger draw than sitting in my room and reading. Oh well... I'll read when I go home.

Really, the world does not exist to serve you. It is not my job to help you with your laundry, drive you places, or supply you with the things you want. My stuff is mine, and you can't just demand that I give it to you. Life just doesn't work like that. Oh, and your driving sucks. You're probably going to wreck the car you care about so much, and its probably going to be because you were driving recklessly (if "driving recklessly" even begins to cover it, which I doubt).

S wrote me a letter! I miss her.

I'm going to start taking organ lessons.

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GuitarGirl57 said...

You shall *not* be reading when you're at home... or at least, not the whole time. :P