Sunday, October 25, 2009

A week

Monday was very successful. I went to my classes, got my essay peer-reviewed, learned ten sets of the new show for Pride, and then rehearsed for three hours for the Mozart Requiem concert. Then I came back to the dorm, spread excitement for the concert, and watched my first Alfred Hitchcock film (The Man Who Knew Too Much).
Tuesday through late Friday, I was sick in bed with a fever, chills, and some sort of weird throat congestion that yesterday was declared to be tonsilitis. Oh, and I have a Peritonsillar Abscess.

Stuff I was going to do this week:
  • Go to class
  • Turn in my essay
  • Attend the CommonGround Rally
  • Usher the duo piano recital
  • Participate in the Mozart concert (tomorrow... but I'm not able to sing)
  • Get to know M better

Dear L,
We know you're intelligent. Please don't flaunt the fact that you're taking such a ridiculous number of hours to accomodate your triple major, it doesn't do anything to win you friends. Also, you are allowed to disagree with people. It's even encouraged. Please learn to do so without belittling their opinions.
Oh, and Mozart's music has been around for over 250 years. He is arguably THE best-known composer, and his music is standard repertoire for just about every instrument and ensemble imaginable. You don't get to decide that his music is "disgusting" and "unworthwhile," just because you don't like it. Just shut up.

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chupakitty said...

ugghhh this "L" sounds like someone I would have to strangle. I have an "N" who's a 25 year old sophomore organ major who only talks about his own compositions...