Friday, November 27, 2009


Well, I came home for Thanksgiving. And I was supposed to have a connection flight in Atlanta. However, my flight from Oklahoma City to Atlanta was delayed an hour, and then in Atlanta I went to the wrong gate, because I thought I was supposed to get on the 10:45 to Raleigh. I was actually supposed to get on the 10:45 to Greensboro.

Guess who missed his flight?

Anyway, I spent the night in Atlanta, and got home the next morning at 9.

I fly back tomorrow (Thank God the only logical flight choice to Oklahoma is Oklahoma City) for rehearsal.

It's been a good trip home: I got to see a bunch of people, and I got to eat oreo stuff, carrot cake, and pumpkin cheesecake. Maybe Dad will make pancakes tomorrow... it's possible. I didn't actually ask him to, but maybe he'll think of it.

Oh well. If not, I'll just be sure to request it for Christmas.


Corrie Hermans said...

This sounds like a great adventure... even though it's not so much. Two of my brothers live in Atlanta.

Also, It is your birthday.

Joey W said...

You didn't see me over Thanksgiving! We still have yet to have a legit JoCat reunion. I say one is in order over Christmas