Friday, January 29, 2010

I am currently wearing a pin.
The pin has a black triangle surrounded by a red triangle.
I am wearing it on the left side of the shirt I have on, over my heart.
It makes me happy.
I have interviewed five people in two days, and I've thoroughly enjoyed the experience so far.

Today, classes taking place after noon were canceled, due to the ice storm that has struck campus. When I went to practice, there were icicles, and sleet was still coming down. A cardinal was in the garden, which struck me as odd, since I'd not seen one in Oklahoma before.
I slept until 3.
It was a beautiful thing.
I'm re-reading The Great Gatsby for my expository writing class, and to prepare for the assignment I am expected to do, I am highlighting all references to color and clothing.
It pains me to write in a book. I will probably get a different copy of it when I am assembling my library.

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