Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Really cool idea

I had one. So I'm in the Mu chapter of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, and we're having our centennial celebration soon.
Centennial celebrations call for special stuff like concerts and fireworks and keynote speakers and cake and whatnot.
SO I got to thinking about who would be a good keynote speaker and ANDY GRIFFITH would be the coolest keynote speaker ever.
Mostly I just want to meet him.

Anderson Cooper is gorgeous and I would date him in a heartbeat for the following reasons.
  1. He's devilishly handsome
  2. He's a leading journalist
  3. He goes places and speaks for the unfortunate and taken-advantage-of
  4. He was a model when he was a kid. Like I said before, devilishly handsome.
I think he has a boyfriend, though. Oh well.

I came out to my little brother and he cried. You'd think that would hurt a little bit, but I wasn't terribly surprised. I think he's gotten over it now... or simply forgotten about it. We'll see what happens when I bring home a boyfriend or something.

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