Friday, November 21, 2008

Random unplaceable memory

One time, many years ago, I spent the night at a friends house. We stayed up late watching TV in his room, and he fell asleep long before I did. We saw many things: stuff on discovery channel about famous architectural structures (Sedlec Ossuary, which contains tens of thousands of human skeletons arranged in artistic patterns ), roller-coasters (The Bullet. Straight up, then straight down. Named after the shape of the track), infomercials, other stuff. One thing that I remember seeing (he had fallen asleep long since) was this anime film (this was when I was still into anime). I don't remember the plot at all, except it involved the world coming to an end, as so many of them do. It took place on earth, but it was some sort of alternate-universe earth. I don't remember why, but all of a sudden, there were all these places where earth had intersected with some other version of earth, and there were all these shots from news shows in the movie illustrating the jaw-dropping effects thereof. Most of these consisted of famous global landmarks (arc d'triomphe, statue of liberty, etc.) being in places they were not supposed to be: I believe the statue of liberty was projecting from the side of some random mountain at about a 60ยบ angle to the ground. But not the entire thing. It was as if someone had taken a giant statue-of-liberty-toothpick and stuck it in the side of the mountain. But the thing was, the Statue of Liberty was also in New York Harbor. So there were all of a sudden two Statues of Liberty on earth, and the Arc d'triomphe was in two places at once, and I don't remember any of the others.

What really irks me, though, is that I would like to see this image again. It was dramatic, compelling, and strange.

I have no idea the name of the movie, any of the characters, the plotline... anything.
I dont' even know what channel it came on, not that it matters. It aired about 7 years ago, and I don't know what time of day, or even what day.

I hate futile battles.

This is even harder than trying to track down that one version of the Star Spangled Banner I heard at the All-State Band concert those years ago. I at least know what year it was (2005), who was conducting (Jeff King), and some details of the arrangement (Opening trumpet duet. Included a quote from another patriotic song, most likely "America".).

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