Sunday, November 30, 2008


I had to take my car to the shop sometime two weeks ago, because I got to school that Friday and there was smoke coming out of the hood. Only evidently it wasn't smoke, it was steam that smelled like smoke. (?) Anyway, I was driving Grandmommy's truck while my car was in the shop. Sometime last week, I leave for school, and I realize as I'm going up the hill that the truck isn't accelerating.
"Hmm," thought I. "This isn't good."
I pulled out onto 801 anyway, thinking that it would start... but it didn't. I'm sitting there, going like 18 mph on 801, and continually slowing. I slightly freaked, pulled over, and realized that the incline I had pulled over onto was rather steep, and the truck was rather top heavy. I tried to go a little bit further down the road to a lighter incline, but the truck wouldn't go at all, and started sliding down the incline towards a fence. The sheriff shows up... gives me the brilliant idea of using 4-wheel drive (why didn't I think of that?) and I pull away successfully.
Fast-forward to almost to school, in front of the Food Lion in the line of cars that is always there.
It happened again (minus the incline), so I pull into the parking lot, try to get it to go, manage to get to school.
Dad told me that my car was ready that day (good timing), so I'm to drop the truck off at the station and pick up my car. That was also a bit problematic.
Anyway, we went to pick up the truck the other day to take it to G-mommy's, and it did it again before I'd gotten twenty feet, so we took it back to get it checked again.

What was wrong with it?

Very odd problem.

Doesn't usually happen to cars.

Mice had chewed the wires. And the aluminum in the air conditioning. And maybe the gas line.

Since when do mice chew on cars?

PS- I found someone else who reads my blog.

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Michael Schramm said...

I'm really glad you weren't hit during any of these incidents. You've been in far too many automobile wrecks as it is.

You could come live in my closet! I could ferry(wtf, my house isn't a moat) food, drink, music, and love to you every day!