Saturday, March 7, 2009

I intended to write another anonymous complaint, and then I realized that the only time I ever write on this thing is when I'm annoyed about something.
For that I am sorry. I promise, I do have good days. I actually generally enjoy life and the people around me. I'll try to write more positive, uplifting, and/or funny things.

But until then:

To the Trumpet player at all-state auditions today: NOBODY wants to hear you play your trumpet in a disgusting way that would make small children cry. Don't get me wrong: I like the sound of trumpets. However, intentionally playing as loud and high as you can just so you can "show off" is not appreciated by anybody in the room. Personally, I don't see WHY you would want people to think you play that way. It's irritating, and it makes you seem like a douche.

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