Thursday, July 2, 2009

College goal

There's something I want to do in college. Actually, there are many things I want to do in college, but there's one big one that I will be very disappointed in myself if I do not actually do:
I want to start a piano trio. I keep a list of repertoire that I'd like to perform at some p0int, and a lot of the chamber works I have are piano trios. It just makes sense, then, to actually be in a fairly steady piano trio.
Some of the works I'd like to do:
  • Ravel trio in A minor
  • Andrew Drannon's 1QM, 4Q491-496 - The War of the Sons of Light Against the Sons of Darkness
  • Dvorak's trio in F minor
  • Schumann's third trio
Also, Robert Patterson has a piece called Bell Towers for Piano, Bassoon, and Clarinet. I think it would sound very good with a violin and a cello, so we could do that one, too.
It would be awesome.

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