Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I have my new college laptop and it's pretty.
But it doesn't have a word processor, which is kind of weird.
I guess I need to download a freeware version of microsoft office... I'll do it later.

I'm home from Laurel Ridge. And although I know I can't go back as a camper, I know I can go back as M-staff. The only thing is, as a performance major, there would be a very difficult barrier to get through. I can't not practice. C says there would be a way to work around that if I work things out with M, and I certainly hope it works out that way, but I'm still concerned. I hope it works out. If worst comes to worst, I can council for junior campers or something.

I ordered a book of lovely hymn arrangements today. I hope it gets here before I go off to Oklahoma.

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MissGrace said...

Holy cow, I cannot even believe you're about to leave for college! You're always making me feel soooo old!

If you need a free word processor for a while try open office.. it has a free version of Word and Excel.

Good luck in Oklahoma! Have tons of fun! :-)