Saturday, September 12, 2009

Other People's Expectations

So, when I went to college, I had to decide what I wanted my primary instrument to be. The possibilities were piano, flute, and voice. I nixed voice fairly quickly, reasoning that there would be plenty of voice majors who had been taking lessons for far longer than I had and that I would have lots of catching up to do.

So then there were two: flute and piano. My piano teacher said I should be a piano major. My flute teacher and her husband, my band teacher, said I should be a flute major. Naturally, this put me in a bit of a dilemma. I cheated, and decided to be a piano major taking secondary lessons in flute.

That didn't work out. I was doing too much, and something was going to slip if I didn't let something go... so, I decided (for a number of reasons) that I would drop flute lessons.

Now I'm afraid that I've disappointed my flute and band teachers.

Like, I know that it's ridiculous to think so, because I'm still playing the flute (well, piccolo) in marching band, and I'm still a performance major, albeit with a different instrument.
I also know that I should worry less about what other people think (even if they have played significant parts in my life), considering that I made my decision rationally, and considered and reconsidered for a long time.

I'm a pianist.
I'm going to learn to play the organ.

I dislike partying. Like, there was a foam party (...yes. I know. I think it's a very strangeconcept.) that I could have gone to today, but the idea just kind of freaks me out. I really don't know why, either... it's kind of unfortunate, since that guy I like, J, was there (according to M, who was also there).

There's another J that I like, too.
He's spectacular.

Also a C.

Actually, let's do this: JJCKCJKBKJ.

What do yo do if you like someone with the same name as you? Is that weird?


Amanda said...

umm yeah i googled "foam party"...holyfreakencrap...weirdestthing i have ever googles in my life. glad you didn't go to that =]

Anonymous said...

you should have gone, it was truly a good time, except for some crazy creeper kids....maybe next time!