Wednesday, April 14, 2010


So, here's the thing.
I hate rote songs. They irritate me. The very concept behind them irritates me:
rote songs? really?
Rote: the mechanical or habitual repetition of something to be learned.
Why would you ever want music to be learned by rote? Music is something that must be contemplated in order to be worthwhile. If you don't think about the sounds you're making, then they're not really... good. or worthwhile. or useful. or beautiful. or anything.
And then there's the fact that they're so irritatingly dull. I understand that the concepts we're learning with these rote songs can be applied to other things as well... but why can't we do that NOW? I sit there in class, and listen to my peers teach me these songs... and I want to beat my head against a wall.

Also, I've realized that I hate the national standards. I recognize that there needs to be some way to hold teachers accountable for their job, but national standards in a music classroom just strike me as silly.
I honestly don't want them in my classroom. I'd so much rather just teach my kids repertoire that they would enjoy, repertoire that would make them better musicians...

AAAAAH. Does this make me a bad teacher?
Can I be a bad teacher before I've even finished one semester of an ed degree?
Is the purpose of an ed degree to make you fall in love with the stupid national standards or something?


I hate my research papers. I can do one just fine, but the other one needs to leave me alone. I can't believe I got points taken off because I didn't explicitly state that a song was "slow." REALLY?

I've noticed that I am most likely to post a blog when I am stressed about things. Why is that?

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Bozy said...

I made a similar comment about posting when only stressed :] It's a place that will listen to you vent and not talk back and judge you :D

Unless a friend comments on it and judges you.