Sunday, April 25, 2010

My Classes

Theory: Should not be so early in the morning. It's a poor system that this class, which provides useful information to my profession, is only offered at 8:30 in the morning. In years previous, the theory classes were staggered: freshman theory at 8:30, sophomore theory at 9:30, junior theory at 10:30. This way, you were rewareded as you went along. However, that system is no longer in place. They're all at 8:30. THAT'S A TERRIBLE IDEA. That idea is almost as terrible as starting each and every class period with a quiz. Especially when you only have 2 minutes to complete that quiz. That quiz the other day DEMANDED more than two minutes. The fact that I didn't finish the quiz is not a reflection upon my understanding of the assignment, it's a reflection of the fact that writing all of the stuff it required simply took more time than was alotted to me. If I'd had another 30 seconds, I would have finished.

Aural Skills: Same, except it starts at 8 in the morning instead of 8:30. Who thought that singing for a grade was a good idea at 8 in the morning? Also, why is it so much more difficult to make it to this class on time than it is to make it to theory on time? I get up an hour before both of them, and I'm constantly sliding into the door for Aural Skills as class starts. What's up with that? Dictation is cruel. I can see how it improves our ear, but I don't see why the actual practice of dictation is necessary. This class should be combined with Theory into a single course, and it should be offered in the afternoon. And then that class should have a placement exam.

Music in Culture: This class is such a pain, especially lately. This essay that we had assigned to us is flat out dumb. It was optional in years previous, and it should have stayed that way. Turabian is a stupid citation system; why can't we use MLA or APA like the rest of the world? Also, ****** is clearly very knowledgeable in her field, but she needs to remember that we do not have her knowledge base, so when she makes vague references to subjects that we're not currently discussing, and then uses those subjects as a springboard to launch herself onto a tangent vaguely related to what we had been talking about before, we all get lost. Also, citing facts for an essay is obnoxious when the essay is on a subject that you already know things about. When you've learned enough about a subject, all of the information begins to meld into your head, and having to go seek out a source that agrees with information you already know is a pain. Oh dear God, is it a pain.

Expository Writing: I really hope I make at least an 85 on that essay I just turned in. I really hope I can think of something to write about for my assignment due Monday. I really hope I come out of that class with at least a B. It's been absolutely fascinating, and I really like the teacher, but that class is kicking my butt. I've never spent so much time on a writing assignment (especially not on the paper for Music and Culture) as I have on the argumentative research paper I just turned in. Also, having to write two research papers at once, when one is about a subject you really care about and will be graded quite severely, and the other one is kind of "meh" to you, is a terrible TERRIBLE situation.
Especially when you throw in...

Choir: A massive concert that occurs the weekend after both of those assignments are due. We're singing Mendelssohn's Elijah. The piece is gorgeous, and I'm thrilled to finally be singing a major work with an orchestra (since I was sick for the entire week leading up to the Mozart Requiem last semester), but that piece is a monster. I've never been so tired after a piece of music in my life. I'm super excited for the concert tomorrow (although it means that I'm having to miss being in the ΦMA date auction).

Voice Lessons: Uh uh. Don't even get me started.

Piano Lessons: I have never had a bad lesson with my piano teacher. I always leave my lesson feeling like a rock star, even though I know that I have a lot of work to do to get better. Enough said.

Piano Skills: eh? It's okay? There are times when it's irritating, but I can deal with it.

Teaching Techniques: Although I'm suddenly, surprisingly, a huge fan of the system we're learning (despite the fact that we're learning it with rote songs), I am not the biggest fan of some of the assignments we have to do for this class. Like blogs. I don't like being told when to write blogs. I like to do them when I feel moved to do so. Like right now. Also, taskstream. So dumb. Especially since the scanner hates me, and I can't scan any of the things I need to scan (which is everything).

Concert Band: Is a lot of fun, and gives me the opportunity to play under the baton of someone I admire and respect. She is the newest addition to the list of music teachers I hope to emulate one day.

ΦMA and TH10: I love you guys dearly. I'm going to miss you this summer.

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