Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hiring an Accompanist for Dummies

For some reason, people don’t understand how to interact with accompanists. To assist people with this problem, I have decided to write the following guide.

Give your accompanist music AS SOON AS YOU CAN, preferably within a few days of the date at which you ask them to play for you.

Understand that if an accompanist cannot play for you, it (probably) has nothing to do with whether or not they like you as a person, and probably has something to do with that schedule.

If an accompanist has waited TWO WEEKS for your music and you haven’t discussed payment at all, then don’t get pissed off and take it personally.

The fact that I’m not playing for you does not make me a dick, so grow up.

I HATE being shushed.

I moved a fortepiano the other day. That was possibly the scariest moment of my life… That thing is worth more than the lives of all the people who moved it put together.

And I get to play on it on Friday. Whohoo!

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