Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Viderunt Omnes

I have problems when I get into my car, turn on my radio to listen to some music to distract me from the long day I've had, and the song that comes on the radio is one that we're studying in one of my classes. And the one that immediately follows it is a song we're studying in one of my other classes.

The radio gods are cruel, spiteful, people.

They knew that Perotin's Viderunt Omnes was JUST what I needed to make me want to beat my head against a brick wall. Of all the pieces that the classical station could have been playing... they picked that one.

Couldn't have been Dvorak. Or Stravinsky (may his fishy reincarnation rest in peace... that's right. He didn't make it through the night. Sad) or Debussy or Mozart or Haydn or Corigliano or ANYBODY else.

Had to be the one piece by Perotin that we studied.

And then one of the three Bach chorales we're conducting.

I will rebel by refusing to listen to classical music in my spare time. The only problem with this is that my non-classical library is severely lacking.

Fortunately, my dear friend and sweetheart Susan helped me out with this today by burning me a copy of John Legend's new album. She's awesome and I love her.

I'm giving her a copy of Melody Gardot's album tomorrow.

I think we'll get a beta fish. We might name him brofish. Or Phi Mu Alphish.
Or something else. But I feel like we should have an occupant for our fishbowl.

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Corrie Hermans said...

I approve of those fish names, also I have a vast variety of non classical musical that I will trade you for classical music!