Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Eric Whitacre posted this to his blog recently. It was awesome. I followed suit.
The performers are TorQ percussion quartet.
The piece is Sleep, by Eric Whitacre (which is why he posted it to his blog).

This year, our school schedule is structured in such a way that we have homeroom every day for about twenty minutes. We don't do anything. It's a total waste of time, so I don't go.
However, I got a little worried today that they might count these absences against senior exemptions for exams, or report cards, or something. So I went up to the office to find out if I was "in trouble."

Why can't I leave well enough alone? Now the assistant principal knows that I don't go to homeroom, and although she said she'd "look the other way" about the past however long it's been (like... a month maybe? and three weeks before that one day that I went? and quite awhile before that, too... hmm.), she said I need to start going again, so they can get graduation announcements to us.

It's December.

Graduation is in June.

What could they possibly tell us right now?

Anyway... I might go tomorrow, just to tell Coach Lowery where I'll be for the rest of the school year... because I'm still not going to go.

And no, this isn't because I think that band people are "above the law", Mr. new-assistant-principal-whose-name-I've-forgotten. If I'm going to waste my time, I'm going to do it somewhere I'm comfortable (i.e., not the gym floor).

I mean... what are they going to do? Fail me?
I hope Mr. J doesn't get in trouble. I suppose I should have thought about that before I went...

The band website is up now.

We have our second madrigal dinner tonight... last night went well. I'll have pictures up at some point. Maybe. I love being the jester... I get to make fun of people.

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