Saturday, October 18, 2008


So. Homecoming was supposed to be tonight. But it got postponed 'til Monday.
The Symphonic Band Concert that was supposed to be on Monday got postponed to the following Monday. *sigh*
There is a generally large amount of discontent with this year's administration at school. (It's occurred to me lately that I can divide my high school career into 4 separate administrations: the Bridgewater administration, the Hedrick administration, the Powers administration and the Wallace administration. If you decided to include the month or so under Bost and Landry, that's the fifth: the Bost/Landry administration. Yay continuity.) General complaints (some are mine, some are not)
  • We have homeroom EVERY DAY for 10 minutes. 20ish, if you include the break and the travel period to and from.  What a waste. In theory, the juniors, sophomores, and freshmen are supposed to be working on their Senior Graduation project (my class lucked out on missing that one). In actuality, people sit around and twiddle their thumbs. Or do their homework due later that day. Or eat.
  • Every friday, there is a "Senior Breakfast" during this period, where the entire senior class goes to the cafeteria and gets food (crappy overpriced cafeteria food. Those poor lunch ladies. I remember when I was little and the lunch ladies were always the sweetest people you'd ever meet... and the food was actually half-decent. Now the food sucks, so nobody wants to go visit them). These "Senior Breakfasts" are supposed to be mandatory, but they don't take roll, and I have yet to actually attend one.
  • S left. This is a source of sadness. J is here. This is a source of something that I have yet to identify (for me, at least). I mean... One on one, he's fine. As ***** would say, this is because he's got the mentality of a high schooler. Perhaps. Perhaps not. I'm not sure, yet. In class and in practice, however, there are good days and bad days. Certainly this is the case with every teacher, but it seems to me that the bad days are significantly more frequent than they used to be. Certainly this is not entirely J's fault. I mean, we had adapted to S. Working with S... (should I call him M? After GSE I'm not sure... I mean, he's not my current teacher anymore. I mean, he'll always be my teacher which is why I still want to call him S. But at GSE everybody called him M. I called him M in the third person, but S in the second. Probably still S to everybody at school. That would be weird if all of a sudden I was like, "I saw M at my lesson on Monday, and we talked about the North Davidson Festival." Everyone would be confused, and I'd sound slightly pretentious. Oh well. It'll work out. Where was I? Oh yes: Working with S...) ... was a very specialized set of skills. We're not quite sure how to deal with J, now that he's here. A lot of the bad stems from the awkward nature of that adaptation (the unexpectedness, general bad feelings... etc.), but not all of it. With regards to marching band, a portion of it stems from the bad weather we've been having... and a portion stems from general apathy, which I cannot accurately diagnose the cause of. Bad weather? Bad decisions on the parts of multiple parties? I don't know. All I know is that I'm starting to dislike playing the flute. I know it's a mental thing directly stemming from the general bad vibes around the whole Band situation right now. M wants to quit. L wants to quit. TONS of people want to quit marching. Argh. L can't quit. She can't leave me with ********. I can't deal with it.
  • My online english class is a travesty. We've read selections from Chaucer's Canterbury Tales and Woolf's A Room of One's Own. We're currently reading Macbeth (in it's entirety, thank God), and we will be comparing it to JFK's assassination and an episode of CSI. We've done an assignment about Condoleezza Rice in the "British Women and their impact upon literature" unit, and evidently the majority of the students in this class don't actually do their work. I could fit all of the feedback I've gotten on my work onto a post-it note. I've BS'ed four essays the night before by this point, and I've gotten good grades on all of them. Why is this considered learning? Some of the people in my class... There's this fellow, B, who was responding to a quote that we had to respond to on the discussion board. Bear in mind this kid is in Honors English IV. His ambition is to pass Algebra I so he can get his diploma and be a car designer. This is the kid that denounced Hitler as "mean" and "a jerk".
  • Mrs. London, my Calc teacher, is the coolest person ever. End of story. I can't wait for the trig party we're going to have at her house. That's how amazing this woman is: She makes me want to go to a trig party.
  • I'm the Jester in our Madrigal dinner! I get to be a fool! I've always been so disappointed that that particular job description died out. I've always had this particular fantasy about this dashingly handsome jester and this dashingly handsome prince having an illicit love affair under the king's nose. I'm so wierd.
  • Homecoming was postponed to Monday. Evidently the weather was "too bad." Now four of the nominees' fathers can't escort them, and one of them has to return the car she was using. When asked about this situation, Mr. Wallace said that he'd be "honored to escort one of you." That's not gonna fly, Mr. Wallace. Sorry. But Mrs. K talked to them, and made them feel better. She's amazing.
So instead of homecoming, I went to Dino's. Then I sat in the Dino's parking lot with J and J for like 2 hours, came home, went to Moby's to see G (I like G. G likes me. We don't work out that way, though. Which is a shame...) and then G, K, K, and I went bowling.
It was fun.
I probably won't be able to go to the state fair tomorrow to see all my GSE friends. I'm disappointed, to say the least.

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