Wednesday, October 22, 2008


My online english class recently gave us 12 days to complete the following:
  • Answer personal questions about our beliefs in regards to Macbeth
  • Read and respond in a paragraph to two of five quotes, then respond to two of our classmates' posts
  • Complete a KWL chart about Macbeth (how totally 3rd grade)
  • Take two pages of cornell notes about Shakespeare's life
  • Read Macbeth
  • Respond to each act on the discussion board by posting two significant quotes, interpreting the quotes, and then asking a question about something we would like clarified about the play, then respond to two of our classmates' posts
  • Take notes on an website discussing the historical context of Macbeth
  • Listen to a podcast about a production of Macbeth, and the actors'/director's/crew's opinions about the subject matter of Macbeth, etc.
  • Listen to an edited version of a JFK speech about secrecy
  • Listen to the CSI themesong
  • Read the wikipedia article about CSI
  • Write a blog entry discussing how JFK's speech relates to Macbeth, and how Macbeth would make a good episode of CSI (which is blasphemy)
  • Write two essays on Macbeth, one about an imagery motif and what it represents, the other on whether or not Macbeth's punishment was appropriate for his crimes, and whether or not he would have gotten the same punishment if he were alive today
  • Create a powerpoint with a partner (which was supposed to be assigned to us, but was not) about literary terms and describing examples of each in Macbeth
  • Read a website about the use of quotation marks (because we've gotten to Honors English IV by NOT learning how to write properly. However, there are people in my class who actually need this... there's one kid who still hasn't passed Algebra I. This is the kid that said, of Hitler's plan for Germany, "I have to say i disagree bout Hitler having good plans for Germany, because Hitler never tried and did anything good in his time. He was a very mean leader who took it for granted and knew what he wanted to do [sic]." I mean, sure, Hitler committed atrocious acts that have scarred the face of human history for all time, but if you're going to criticize him, do so intelligently. Please. Don't use the word "mean" when you speak of Hitler. It's like calling the sun "warm." And then there's that girl who said it was "ludacris [sic]" to ruin the world around us out of "ignorice [sic]". On second thought, perhaps it's a good thing that we're reading about quotation marks. Last unit's grammar exposure was about apostrophe's and possessives.)
  • Complete the Vocabulary University assignment. (My vocabulary words this unit included, "gradually," "casualty," "momentarily," and my personal favorite, "emotional.")
  • Create an Animoto video illustrating the theme "Appearances versus reality".
As my workload indicates, the teacher does not understand the concept of "quality over quantity".
Anyway, as of last night, I had not finished reading Macbeth. So I stayed up until 3:00 AM finishing the work assigned to me.
Today, all I had left were the two essays. I wrote one of them in second period (functioning on three hours of sleep) and finished the other one about an hour ago.
I go to turn it in on blackboard, and I see that my classmates have started a petition to get the deadline extended, since they're "busy" and "can't get the work done in time." (Don't talk to me about busy until you're preparing college auditions on three separate instruments, taking AP Calc BC, getting ready for Honors Chorus, and going to marching band practice every Tuesday and Thursday until 6:30 and a game every Friday until about 11, if you're lucky. Actually, don't talk to me about busy until you're in college.)
I also see that the teacher has extended the deadline to October 27th.

After I busted my ass to get my stuff finished.

Can anyone else see why I'm bitter?

P.S. I know the typing is weird with this one. For some reason the text has decided to continue on to the next line in the middle of words.

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Oh dear god...

I'm truly sorry you have to deal with that