Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Our neighbors seem to be developing a habit of moving away.
The family across the street and one to the right moved to a different neighborhood.
The family to our left (facing the street) moved to CHINA for a year for the dad's business.
And the family to our right (again facing the street) are moving to Montreal.
Are we that unpleasant to live next to?
:) Just kidding. I still see the girl in family 1 in school, and family 2 is in town (and state, country, and continent) for 2 weeks for Christmas before they come home permanently in 6 weeks.
I'm going to miss family 3, though. I used to go over there when I'd accidentally get locked out of my house to borrow the key they held for just such occasions.
The mom is such an excellent cook, too.

Bye, family 3! We'll miss you! Keep in touch!

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