Saturday, December 20, 2008

Things I Saw Today

  • Cody! We went to the mall and hung out today. It was fun.
  • A little old man in a little smart car, smoking a Sherlock Holmes-esque pipe.
  • A woman with a not-so-recently shaved beard. Like, five o'clock shadow from two days ago stubble. It was very noticeable.
  • NOT SANTA. Me and Cody stood there for like a half hour waiting for Santa to get back from his break and take pictures with the little kids, and eventually we just went home, because he STILL wasn't back.
  • A woman driving the wrong way in the parking lot... the lanes are one-way, and she barely squeezed by me and the person in front of me.
  • The Christmas pianist at the mall who's not very old at all, who looks rather unhealthy. Evidently he has some kind of incurable disease, or something, according to Dad, who was told this when he inquired about the position for me a few years ago. He was quite good... I wish I could transition between Christmas carols as seamlessly as he does.
  • Didn't see it, but I felt the ground shake when we were upstairs at Dick's Sporting Goods. For a second I thought there was another earthquake going on (like the one last year that I slept through, rrgh. I hate that I missed it.) but Cody thought it was the guy walking past. I prefer to think it was an earthquake. Much cooler.
  • Six people I knew. Cody was like, "Oh my God, do you know everybody?"
  • A little girl bouncing ten times her height on one of those bouncy, bungee-jumping things they have at the mall.
  • An Edward Cullen life-size cardboard stand-up. There was a Bella Swann one as well, but who cares about her?
In related news, all of my Christmas shopping is done! Now I can officially relax.
Dad and Elizabeth are coming home with Five Guys burgers soon. I can almost taste them already... They went to go see the new James Bond movie. I hope they were more intelligent than I was, and missed the Festival of Lights traffic that I forgot about until it was too late to turn around.

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