Friday, January 30, 2009

L'Ilisir d'Amore

Tonight, I went to the opera for the first time. UNCSA put on Donizetti's L'Ilisir d'Amore, and a friend of mine got me and a friend free tickets. However, my friend was feeling under the weather, so after scrabbling for a few minutes, I talked another friend, E, into going with me. So we went to pick up the tickets from my friend who got them for me, and then we headed into downtown WS to eat before the show.

At this point, I need to apologize to the film school at UNCSA. While getting lost in downtown WS, I drove into a one-way street... going the wrong way. While this is embarassing enough, what made it worse was the fact that the film school was shooting on that street... and I had to drive right between their cameras and the actors they were filming (there wasn't enough room to turn around by the time I realized my mistake). So, I'm sorry. It was an accident, and I hope that the whatever you all were filming went well, despite my blunder.

Anyway, I found where I was trying to get to, parked my car, and then me and E ate dinner at Quizno's, after finding two other restaurants with a 45 minute to an hour wait time. While there, J showed up. It was wierd, because I hadn't seen J since this summer, and before that it had been a good year and a half. Our interactions this summer and the time previous were slightly awkward, and I had started to think that he was a jerk (complicated reasons), and I didn't completely recognize him, but he said hey. And then I recognized him and now I don't think he's a jerk anymore.

And then... the opera.

It was amazing. Outstanding. All of those positive adjectives.
I got chills, I laughed, and E said that she loved it, too.

On the way home we stopped by Starbucks, ran into my original intended date, who was still feeling kind of puny and was coughing a lot.
I hope she feels better.

Tonight was so much fun.

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