Thursday, January 29, 2009


So my chorus teacher wasn't at school today because she's sick.
She sent an email, via the next-door drama teacher, about what we're supposed to do:
  • Work on language for Muie Rendera
  • Go over parts for Walk In Jerusalem and Seal Lullaby
However, the sub didn't see this email, me and **** (another section leader) did. So the sub takes attendance, and then says that he sent someone up to the library to get a movie for us to watch. **** and I exchange a glance, and then we tell him what we were supposed to be working on. However, everybody was all like "Let's watch a movie! I wanna watch a movie!"

So I turned into chorus-nazi. I made sure we worked on stuff we were supposed to be working on, and we went over parts of the aforementioned songs that we'd not learned yet. However, *** decided he wanted to be a douche, and complained. Loudly.

We also ran through the Star Spangled Banner once or twice, even though the majority of us have sang it six trillion times.

Later, I get bitched at by ******** about how I'm all power-hungry, and how I didn't have to work on one song the whole time (I didn't. We worked on four separate things. Count them: Language for Muie, running through SSB, and parts for Walk In Jerusalem and Seal Lullaby), and how she hopes our teacher is back tomorrow (which I hope for, too. I hate leading the class) so "we [the class] don't have to put up with you" and how people were throwing imaginary grenades at my head, and how funny it was.

I mean, whatever. If people want to throw imaginary grenades at my head, then so be it. I don't care. But I'm not going to ignore the instructions that our teacher left for us to follow while she's too nauseous to come to school. (Besides, the movie was Hello, Dolly, and this is the class that couldn't stand to sit through Mamma Mia.)

I hate being chorus-nazi.

I never EVER want to be a teacher.

I could really go for some Galatine right now. They're this italian candy that my friend ***** brought me when he was visiting the states two years ago. They're DELICIOUS. It's like a tablet of powdered milk, only sweet and amazing. I know I don't describe it very well, but it's amazing.

And I can't find it anywhere. After finally remembering the name of it about a week ago, I am having difficulty finding anywhere I can order it from.

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