Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Let me preface with this statement: I love my parents dearly, and I understand that they love me back and that they have my best at heart, etc. I'm grateful for all that they have done for me, and for taking such good care of me.

That out of the way...


I got into a car accident two weeks ago. It was raining fairly hard, and I suppose I should have stayed at the restaurant with my friends until it let up a bit. But they weren't staying, and neither did I. I started driving home on the interstate, and for some reason, I was driving in the passing lane. I was going ten under the speed limit, thinking that was slow enough to be considered "careful driving." Next thing I knew, I was hydroplaning, and I slid off the road, up the embankment, and coming back down, I flipped my truck. The highway patrolman DID say, however, that it wasn't entirely my fault, and that I-40 was particularly notorious for not draining properly.
It was rather scary. I didn't get hurt, though. Not even a little bit. The truck, however, has been sold for parts, as repairs would have cost more than the truck was worth.

My friend from Governor's School is having a birthday party this upcoming weekend to celebrate her birthday, and I really want to go see her. I can't, though, because:
1) I don't have a replacement car yet. I realize that my parents want to be smart shoppers, and get the most for their moneys worth, but at the same time not get me TOO nice a car because of my track record of an accident, another smaller accident, and not taking care of the last vehicle. But I didn't like the last vehicle to begin with, so this would be different. And I feel that I've learned from my experience, and would be a better driver. That's not what irks me, though. I really don't care what I drive, as long as it works, and I can hear the radio over the engine (which was a problem with my last vehicle).
2) Hypothetically, were the car to come through in time to go to the party, my dad doesn't think me driving long distances is that fantastic of an idea at the moment anyway. I get that; parents don't like for bad things to happen to their children. When bad things DO happen, they go into SUPER protective mode. However, there is no logical reason to not let me drive to see my friend, since no matter where I'm driving, I'm still DRIVING, and driving itself is where the danger lies, whether it's 20 minutes school or an hour and half to visit my friend. Also, since I've been in an accident, I feel that I am more likely to drive in a cautious manner.

But logic doesn't really come into play that much when parents go into lock-down mode.
So I can't go. And I understand why I can't go. BUT I'M STILL REALLY FRUSTRATED.
I'm going to go take out my frustrations on Chopin and Sebastian.

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