Sunday, August 17, 2008

Weddings, Musicals, and Caffeine

Kayla dragged me to a wedding yesterday, after begging me to go with her for about a week. It was a bit weird, since I hadn't met either the bride or the groom before. But hey, what can you do? The pre-wedding music was the entire "In Between Dreams" album, by Jack Johnson. It was an outside wedding, and the aisle was lined with metal pails with blue flowers in them. The ceremony was held on the porch of a country farm-house, and the bride rode up in a horse and buggy, and it was quite cheesy, as many weddings are. After the ceremony (which I didn't pay very much attention to, but I didn't know the people, so it's ok) everybody (there were like 300 people there. Holy crap.) moved to the other side of the house, where there were tables set up, and they had Carolina BBQ catering. I refrained from the BBQ, Beans, Cole Slaw, etc. (I'm not a huge BBQ fan.) and went straight for the macaroni. Ironically enough, the first person to get a slice of the wedding cake after the bride and groom was me, possibly the only person there who the bride and groom had never met before. Oh well.

I told Kayla that I'm planning her wedding. She thinks she's not getting married, but she's wrong.

Then we drove back home, and on a spur of the moment decision, decided to go see Mamma Mia! in Winston. We went to the very last showing, and there were 12 people in the audience, including a pair of giggling blonde girls sitting in the back row with us. I thought it was a really good movie, in spite of the fact that the giggles were rather distracting. Fast forward, movie ends, giggles leave, Kayla and Me dawdle on the way out because there's still music going, and then I find the giggles' keys. So we chase after them, find them, hand off the keys, etc.

Favorite Scene in the movie: Christine Baranski singing "Does Your Mother Know" to that guy while hordes of greek island boys dance around without their shirts on.

I know I'm shallow sometimes. I'm okay with that. Better to appreciate the beauty around you than to ignore it, in my opinion.

On the way back home, we decided to stop at Sheetz to get coffee, and it was delicious.
I got a raspberry mocha with extra chocolate.

We stayed out 'til 12:20. What a way to kick off senior year.
I'm so excited!

Wow, this post was rather pointless. Oh well.

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