Wednesday, August 27, 2008

School and stuff

School started Monday.
I'm a senior now.
What's up with that? When did that happen?
It's okay, so far. I mean... it's school.
I'm taking Symphonic Band, English 4 Honors Online, AP Calculus BC, and Madrigal Singers.
I'm figuring out how to work the whole online class thing. It's not that hard.
I heard that a guy I used to like was gay.
He's not. I asked him.
Ho hum. Such is life.
I got a text from this OTHER guy who I'm totally into right now that said he wanted to hook up with me sometime.
I'm pretty excited about that.
I have to park my car in a ridiculous fashion to appease my father. Who does a 3-point turn to get into a parking space? Anyway, I ran over some flowers today while parking.
I told him it would happen eventually.
I'm working on getting in the habit of practicing every day.
It's a process. I hate developing new habits intentionally. But it needs to be done.
Maybe I'll go to one of those concerts that Gaither keeps sending facebook invites to. It'd be cool to see him again, and maybe some other GSE people, too.
I'll see if Kayla wants to go with me.
By the way, I'm feeling a lot better from my previous post. I posted it on facebook, too, and a lot of people offered me advice and support and all that good stuff.
People like me! :)
Anyway. I'm going to go now.

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