Friday, August 7, 2009

Banana Boats

Sometimes I say bad words. I'm sorry you have to find this out in such a way, but shit (gasp) happens.
I went on a banana boat ride today with my little brother, and I fell off twice. Despite this, it was actually pretty fun. But the second time I fell off, I was clinging to the handle while leaning sideways, trying to grip the thing with my knees, evidently cursing as I tried to pull myself back up.
I wasn't even really aware of it until after I fell off, as I was climbing back on, when my little brother asked me why I was saying bad words.
Of course, he told his mother... and Dad. Who just told me that I need to clean up my language, and that it's nothing to be proud of.

College will be here in nine days. College will be here in nine days. College will be here in nine days.

We ate at Abuelo's tonight! Turns out the one in Oklahoma isn't the only one that's out there.
I had the most amazing stuffed chicken medallions ever. And, of course, Tres Leches Cake.

I've actually made an effort to be in the sun this week. This is not my usual behavior. However, after seeing lots of people with blotchy skin, and hearing about N's melanoma patient... I'm a little bit paranoid. I've been very careful with sunscreen. I do have this nice little tan, though.
I don't really understand why everybody seems to think that being pale is a bad thing. I mean, I can understand not wanting to look like you've spent your entire life inside without ever having seen the sun, but I don't understand society's fascination with bronze skin. I mean, it's interesting, bu it's not necessarily more attractive than the skin complexion of, say, someone who lives in the arctic circle.

I'm reading a book called The Worldly Philosophers. OU sent it to me, and it's about the lives and ideas of the major philosophers from Adam Smith on. But here's the weird part... It's actually really interesting. I mean, I would have never thought that a book about economics would be so fascinating. I must say, though, that it isn't the typical beach read.

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