Thursday, August 13, 2009


My dad got me a computer lock for my laptop for when I go off to college.
I messed it up, and now we don't know what the combination is.
It's a 4-digit combination lock. There are 1000 possibilities.

Today, I heard the entire life story of C from Chi Omega at UNC-Charlotte. She was K's cashier at Victoria's Secret (I don't see WHY I couldn't go to FYE with F instead of stay with K as she picked out a bra and panties... I had absolutely no input on the subject whatever) and she decided to tell her friend at the register the story of how the boy she's in love with messaged her on facebook. Not her boyfriend, but the boy she's in love with. Anyway, they were both voted to have the best hair of their respective genders on campus, and so they're going to have fabulous-hair babies. He's blonde, and he's in a fraternity that I forget the name of, and she was REALLY excited about this message, and the fact that he asked for her number, and that he texted her.

It was quite entertaining.

My blog is officially one year old.


Bozy said...

Happy Birthday!

GuitarGirl57 said...

But that was the cutest bra and panty set ever!!! You know you had fun :)