Sunday, August 23, 2009

so much

I have at least one reader who I have never met before.
This makes me happy.

I've officially moved into my dorm, and my roommate has, too. Classes start Monday and I couldn't be more excited.

I am an official member of the 2009 Pride of Oklahoma Marching Band, and I love it so much. Like, it's absolutely insane what people can accomplish when they actually care about what they're doing. We've learned half of the pre-game show, and I'm really excited about the whole thing. I've been meeting so many cool new people, and I'm really glad I did it.
By the way... SUCH an improvement over high school marching band. Like, Pride is to high school band as the mona lisa is to a stick figure drawn on badly crumpled notebook paper that's been trampled in the mud for a few weeks.

I have to keep my wrist brace on for like 5 more weeks, so typing is slightly difficult right now. I was up to like 80-90 words a minute before, and now I'm ridiculously lower than that.

When I walk into the music building, I often hear someone practicing on the organ in the gothic hall, and it gives me such a welcoming feeling. Maybe I should learn to play, like people keep telling me.

I had an extremely unhealthy sandwich the other day... Imagine a meatball marinara sub, but with fries on top of it. The marinara soaks into the fries and makes it so unbelievably delicious.

Today, my parents compared the souped up pedometer in the Nike plus shoes (which, by the way, are the official shoes of the Pride of Oklahoma. They're wonderfully comfortable. Like everything we have is Nike. It's unbelievably awesome) to the technological equivalent of Big Brother. I like technology, and the rate at which it is advancing, despite my parents concerns.

I met a guy named K, and he's rather attractive. He may or may not be interested, I'm not sure. He might just be friendly. I bought his band's album off of iTunes, but I have yet to listen to it. I'm getting there, though. It's in the J's, and I just got to the I's on my list.

Why does my best friend never listen to my advice? It's good advice.

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GuitarGirl57 said...

I find that last bit offensive. I love you, Babes, but really? <3 *sigh*