Monday, August 31, 2009

Something has to change

On Mondays and Fridays, with my current schedule, I will not get an opportunity to eat after breakfast (at like 7:40) until after Pride rehearsal (at 6:00). I have an hour break at 9:30 (at which point I would not be hungry), and a half hour break at 12:30, but would I be able to get from class to the union, order food, eat it, and get to rehearsal in a half hour? I don't think so.
Something has got to change.
I'll figure something out.

I met an extremely attractive sophomore today... dang. I need to hang out with my roommate more often.

The senior boy I thought was flirting with me has a girlfriend. But his band's show was still really good, and I enjoyed myself.

I wonder if I'm imagining Z liking me... I hope not. He's cute, too.

I love college so much. SO much.

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Amanda said...

awww usually the first semester of college is usually insane. im sure you'll work something out. you can always carry breakfast bars, or something, with you and eat them between classes/practice...