Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Anonymous Statements

1) I hope you get that there really isn't such a thing as "starting over" when it comes to relationships. Even if you get your memory erased, some vengeful doctors assistant is going to mail you a tape of everything you forgot. (Aside: I really need to watch that movie again!) While I'm sure your intentions are noble (Or  they could be totally selfish. You could just not be able to deal with me not talking to you.), you need to know that I'm always going to remember all that awkwardness. So you've got your work cut out for you if you're serious about this "starting over" business.
God, I hope I didn't sound like you did when I told ******* I loved him.

2) You... you're different this year. I go away for six weeks, and when I come back you've become completely full of yourself. While you are certainly quite good, you are very much not perfect, so stop acting like you are. Also, what's with the little comments about people who have already graduated? You know you would have NEVER said that if you thought it could get back to her. It's not nice to belittle others to make yourself look good. Also, she'd kick your ass in a heartbeat. So stop it! She's got plenty of friends, you know. Also, don't hold your ***** up so high. You look pretentious when you do it, and it's bad for your back. I'm fairly certain that's how Kate hurt her back this summer. (Kate, if you're reading this, and that's not true, please correct me.) Just remember, slightly forward and slightly down. Not up, with elbows out. And it is unnecessary to shout instructions to the rest of the class when they're not being quiet. While you mean well, your "Stop talking!" is also talking. Instead of telling others what to do, lead by example. I'm saying all this as your friend. I miss the old you.

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