Monday, September 8, 2008

Hello, gentle readers.

Gentle Readers.
That's what my dad calls the people who read his editorials, when he decides to break the newsprint wall. Gentle Readers.
*steals idea*
So yeah, I just recently found out that there are actually people who read this.
I'm pretty excited.
I've still got a residual cough and sniffles from a few days ago, but I'm generally feeling better.
There's no real purpose to this entry, except to say:
"Hello, gentle readers."
hahahaha. I'm probably a bit too amused by this.

Random aside: Dad told me I could get 5 songs on iTunes the other day.
My selections:
The 1812 Overture- Tchaikovsky
Anything But Fine- Zox
Cathedrals- Jump Little Children
Gotta Find You- Joe Jonas (Do not laugh at me, Gentle Readers. It's not nice. I know ALL about that Aaron Carter CD you still pull out and listen to when you think nobody's around.)
Rylynn- Andy McKee



chupakitty said...

ohmygod you know zox??
that song...

Robert said...

Actually, the only reason I know zox is because I found them on your blog.
I'm just starting to get to know them.

chupakitty said...

that's glorious. I'm making an impact.