Sunday, September 21, 2008


  • What is wrong with the following phrase? "Purified Drinking Water/enhanced with minerals for fresh taste"
  • Even if it is cheesy and unrealistic, life should be like it is in August Rush.
  • The little things in life are often the most annoying. For example, almost every single time we visit First Baptist Church, they are playing a particular CD before the service, and the woman singing on the CD has the most unpleasant, off-tune, nasally, obnoxious voice I've ever heard. Words cannot describe how painful her voice is to listen to.
  • Why do people not believe that I'm gay? It bewilders me. Usually, when the general public doesn't believe someone about their sexuality, the roles are reversed, and everybody thinks they're a closet case. Why is it so backwards with me? It's actually pretty funny... Maybe I'm a little bit too straight-acting.
  • I love going on choir trips. The conversation is always so fascinating.
  • My online english class is a joke. I BS'd an essay the day before it was due, and got a 100 on it. If I'd given that paper to Mrs. Noel, she'd have bled all over it with her red pen.
  • Watching an ice cube melt is infinitely more interesting than listening to my parents discuss politics over lunch with my grandparents.
  • Perhaps the only reason I can't sing high usually is because I have a mental block about it. I hit a "C" above the staff today in my lesson when I wasn't looking at the keyboard. But like 10 minutes later, I was having my usual issues with the A-flat.
  • Graffiti is often quite humorous. Take, for example, this excerpt from a table at Macado's: "Fo a good time, call Shaniqua. Na Fa Fo- Fo Fa Na Fo."
  • To C: It could have been today.


chupakitty said...

maybe people would believe you were gay if you stopped randomly kissing girls ;]

Robert said...

oh, hush. Nobody asked your opinion.
maybe it's fun to try something different every now and then.