Monday, September 22, 2008

The passing of another good thing

I discovered Focus Group Podcast entirely by accident. I was on facebook one day, and I saw that a family friend had joined a group called "Focus Group Group." The name intrigued me, so I investigated. I read the description, went to iTunes, and subscribed to the podcast. I downloaded all the back episodes, and within a week and a half I'd listened to all 13 of them. (They averaged at approximately 30-40 minutes per episode.) The show consists of four twenty-somethings living in Durham, NC: Alisha, Erin, Travis, and Zak. Each episode is filled with funny anecdotes, and soon you begin to feel as if you truly know Alisha, Erin, Travis, and Zak.

However, the podcast has recently ended. After 26 episodes, Alisha went on a summer mission trip to Uganda, and is planning on going again for several years. Zak and Travis moved to New York City. Needless to say, podcasting would be rather difficult, and even if they were to do so, it wouldn't be the same. While there are podcasts out there where the different members of the show record from different geographical areas, but the sterile atmosphere pales in comparison to that of Focus Group, which was recorded with a single microphone sitting in the middle of the four friends.

Although no longer currently running, Focus Group is worth listening to. Go download ALL of the episodes. Start with the beginning, and work your way towards the end. The  journey is well worth it.

*ding* Focus Group!

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