Saturday, April 25, 2009


Today, I saw a woman have an epileptic seizure three feet in front of me. I was transfixed. For a good twenty seconds, all I could do was stare. At first, I thought she was laughing, because she'd fallen and I assumed that she had the good humour to laugh at herself, but then I realized that she was twitching, and her teeth were clenched. There was a man with her, who was attending to her, and the ride operator (I was at Carowinds) called an ambulance.

I had hoped that in an emergency like that, I would be a bit more proactive. Perhaps under different circumstances I would have been... If I'd known the woman, if there hadn't been people around, if someone hadn't already called 911 by the time I thought to... But who can say?

It's a very disturbing sight, seeing someone in a state like that.

K, L, and I went somewhere else. I didn't see what happened to the woman, but I hope she's okay. We went by the ride a little while later and it was running normally, so I presume that she was.

On the other hand, if she wasn't, would they close the ride? I mean, the fact that she had a seizure had nothing to do with the ride. It was the needle, for crying out loud. You go up in a little wheel, turn slowly, and come down again.

I also lost my keys today and my sister had to come rescue me.
But S has them. I accidentally gave them to him when I sold him my N64.

I really want to talk to G right now.

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