Wednesday, April 15, 2009

New York City- 1

I got back this morning at 6.
I'm still kind of tired from the disjointed sleep I got last night (two hours right after dinner, three hours at three in the morning, and six hours after Dad picked me up and took me home... but oh well.
We went to go see "The Lion King" (which made me cry when Mufasa died) and "The Blue Man Group" (which made me lose my voice from yelling so much). I saw Benjamin McKenzie in person. He was seriously like ten feet away from me. I got a Michael Kors blazer that was SERIOUSLY marked down from the original $285 (I got it for $30. Yes, it's a legit Michael Kors, and not a chinatown knockoff. But I got some Chinatown stuff too... including YET ANOTHER belt that doesn't fit me) and some other clothes. There was this super-nice lady named Isabella who worked at the hotel we were staying at. When I went down for breakfast that first morning, I completely passed by one of the tables with food on it because I didn't see it, but she called over to me and said something to the effect of, "There's another table with pastries and sweets over here! I know that kids like sweet things, so I laid them out especially for you kids..." at which point I was like... you're amazing. I love you so much.
That's all for right now. I'll put something more coherent up soon.

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