Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Why would you say that?

... Why would you say that?

Why would you ever say that?

A family member posted the following comment on my wall a few minutes ago.

"Now, I understand why God took your Mother. She would have been so hurt reading these words. I pray for you each and every day."

By the way, "These words" are: I'm so glad I'm gay. Girls are psycho. (I had a fairly irritating encounter with one of my higher-drama friends today.)

So, Mom died so she wouldn't have to deal with the grief of me being gay, huh? Really.
So good to know that she was spared. I'm sure that multiple sclerosis and breast cancer were infinitely more pleasant than the knowledge that I prefer the romantic company of men rather than women. Thank God she was spared THAT tragedy.


Bozy said...

I'm so sorry Robert. I just...argh...I have no nice words for them.

I'm giving you a hug tomorrow, btw.

a.darling.disaster said...

wow, now that was completley uncalled for. that's ridiculous why someone would say that.