Friday, April 17, 2009


I hate going to the dentist.
Like, I walk in and that very distinctive smell immediately puts me on edge. You know the one. I'm pretty sure it's the toot polish smell. Tooth polish, fluoride, and sanitizer... ugh.
Anyway, I had to go get my teeth cleaned today. And while my teeth are spectacularly clean, they're also quite sore. I cannot cannot cannot stand those little metal poky things they use to scrape stuff off of your teeth. I think I might actually have a mild phobia. I sit there, and the hygienist is constantly saying, "Relax your jaw." "Loosen your lip muscles for me." "Open a little bit wider for me." "Relax these muscles."
And I try. I really do try. But it's SOOOOOOO unpleasant.

My senior recital is a month from today.
Yikes. I'm actually pretty nervous.

My dad got this book called "Stuff White People Like" for his birthday.
It's great. There's a blog, too...
The author teaches (taught?) at the University of Indiana... it seems like the school I'm not going to is following me.
Well, they'd better look out for me when grad school rolls around. I'll show them.


Bozy said...

I understand your hatred for the dentist. With mine I will get there at let's say...4 in the afternoon. I won't get examined until 5 and then the dentist won't come in until close to 6:30. So I don't get to leave until 7, it's crazy.

You will do fine at the recital. You also need to give me information about it so I can come.

a.darling.disaster said...

eww like seriously, who likes going to the dentist? you probobly don't have a huge fear of them, orhtodntists and oral surgeons like i do though