Sunday, May 10, 2009


Today, I learned that the proper term for the philosophy of being conservative is not "conservativism" but "conservatism." How did I learn this? My father purchased a book for my grandfather called Liberty and Tyranny by Mark Levin. However, I'm reading it first, because my Dad thinks it's important for my education.
Maybe he thinks I'll turn into a conservative?
For the record, it's really boring so far. I wouldn't mind reading a book that presented conservative ideals, as long as it did so in a way that didn't make me sleepy. I'd also like it not to vilify liberalism. Does anyone know of a book that presents both the conservative and liberal philosophies in a non-biased way? Preferably presenting them both on specific issues, and also as an overall thought process?

By the way, it's nice to know what you really think of us, J. Trust me when I say I'm not particularly fond of you, either. You're doing me no favors by staying.
"Living hell," indeed.

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