Monday, May 18, 2009

The ice cream machine at Sonic was broken tonight. Seriously, Sonic serves absolutely no purpose except as a source of ice cream.

I had my recital. I killed the Brahms (bad killed, not good killed). Everybody liked the flute duet best, it seems. I would write more, since it was a big deal and something that I've been working toward all year, but the entire day is a bit of a blur and I only remember bits and pieces. Like seeing D walk in after the first movement of the Poulenc in the balcony. And FORGETTING MY MUSIC holy crap nevermind about not writing anymore. So I get there, and C wants to run through the Mendelssohn once before people get there. I go to get the music out... and it's NOT THERE. Neither was the Poulenc. I forgot the piece that opened the recital, and the piece that opens the second half of the recital... I seriously have to be the most irresponsible person on the face of the planet. How could I forget something so important like that? At any rate, E and N brought me my music... after I freaked out backstage for about a half-hour.
I also remember Grandmommy's face when she came up to give me a hug... and almost falling over after the recital in general. If C hadn't brought me a water bottle I probably would have. (THANK YOU SO MUCH!)

The night before recital we had prom. I went to pick up the tuxedo, and it was very much not the color I had ordered. It was orange, and I had ordered red. Now, it was a very nice shade of orange... dark, almost burnt looking... but it would have clashed wonderfully with K's dress. They called me back later, saying they'd given me the wrong tuxedo entirely. Two Robert's had ordered the same tuxedo with different colored vest/ties. So it was easy to mix up.

I'm rambling again, so I'm going to bed... Hopefully by the time I write again I'll be a bit more coherent.

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GuitarGirl57 said...

You gave me *SUCH* a heart attack when you called me about the tux that morning! Seriously. Way to freak someone out, kid!
Your recital was amazingly lovely, dear. I'm sooo very proud of you. And I'm amazed that I'm even cool enough to be in your presence, let alone be your friend. ♥.