Sunday, May 3, 2009


I think it's very interesting that whenever I want to put something on here, I push a button that says "Publish Post." It makes me feel like a journalist or a novelist or something... at any rate, I'm sitting here at my computer at 2:21 Sunday morning. I should sleep, but I'm not all that tired.

I bought a cinnamon dolce latte today at Starbucks, and when I got home, I put it on my car so I could get my stuff together and go inside, and it FELL. The top came off, and that lovely, creamy beige sweetness went spilling on the driveway, trickling toward the fresh-mowed grass. It made me sad.

I saw C today. He looked clean. Presentable. Considering the last time I saw him he thought he had overdosed on... something... I'd say this is an improvement. Evidently he's going to room with A in college... that will be interesting. You know, it's weird, when you see someone like that, who you used to have this huge crush on, and then you realize all at once, "Oh. I'm no longer attracted to you in the least bit."

Band day was today. Let's not talk about it.

Again, I'm doing the whole "plight of minor characters" thing. This time it's Phyllis from The Office. Michael is such a jerk. Let her play basketball!

While I'm disgusted by what V said, and I feel as if I have a social responsibility to speak out about it, the though of doing so makes me uneasy. Not exactly afraid, but... uneasy.

33 more days, and I will no longer be a high school student. 14 more days until I give what might actually be the longest recital in the world, to which my father has invited practically EVERYONE whose opinion I have ever cared about. 3 days until the AP Calculus BC exam, which might not actually be as bad as I've been anticipating. 2 days until G comes home. 69 days until alumni day. 13 days until prom- and I still need to get my tuxedo. Crap. I thought I was prepared.

Hygiene is important.

How do they make jellybeans taste the way they do? I got a 40-flavor sampler pack for easter and I've been working my way through it. It's remarkable, how close they taste.
I will not eat:
  • Licorice
  • JalapeƱo
  • Margarita (I tried it, and it tastes wierd)
  • Bubble Gum
  • Cotton Candy
Don't ask me what my favorite flavor is, because I have like twenty. By the way, is there really a need for Orange Sherbet, Orange Juice, and Tangerine? I mean, I like all of them, but they're kind of redundant.

Except the tangerine really does taste like a tangerine...

Okay. I'm clearly in need of sleep.

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a.darling.disaster said...

you're so random.
it makes my day