Wednesday, May 6, 2009

...Or you will be shot.

Today, I took the AP Calculus BC exam. I can't tell you anything about any of the multiple choice questions ever, and I can't talk about the exams until I get them back. (See title for consequences.)
However, I will say that my final essay was INSANELY hard. Stephen Hawking couldn't have done it. How do they expect us, lowly high school students, to be able to do it? Whatever. In the back of my mind I know I did well because Mrs. L prepped us AMAZINGLY, but there's always that nagging doubt until you get your test scores back.

Which, by the way, I won't get back until about the THIRD WEEK OF JULY. That's almost three months from now.

Anyway, after I had filled out all of the standard information (you know. What's your name? What is your ethnicity? What is the highest level of education your parents have received? etc. The same survey questions that have been asked on every standardized test since the beginning of time) and we were about to begin the actual test portion, and Mrs. K went through the standard materials review. On a whim, I look down at my pencils, to ensure that they were #2 pencils...

...and they were #2.5. Since when does that even exist? Of all the possible things that could happen to me on a standardized test day, I cannot think of ANYTHING that would suck more than having your test not scored because you used the wrong type of pencil.

But I got my pencil, and I took the test successfully (hopefully) and we'll see how it works out later.

I had an oral surgeon consult today. It turns out that getting your wisdom teeth taken out is expensive.

And then I went to my lesson today, right before the "tornado deathstorm" (we saw like five minutes of heavy rain) swept across the county. Quarter-sized hail in Mocksville, though.
Lucky them. I love storms.

Dad has never heard of Guitar Hero.
How is this possible?

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a.darling.disaster said...


2.5. i had no idea that was even a pencil

wisdom teeth are a pain. i looked like a chipmuck for a couple days after the surgery. you will do nothing for about the next 40 hours afterwards. i pretty much slept and tried to eat food that didn't hurt to eat.yogurt-i was pretty much on a yogurt diet bc i couldn't eat anything else...