Sunday, March 22, 2009

Assorted thoughts

  • Don't look in the trashcan in bathrooms that do not belong to you, no matter how curious what that cardboard box used to contain.
  • You know those gigantic hershey's kisses? They're a bad idea. I mean, they taste good, don't get me wrong, but their shape is not conducive to biting off a piece and eating it.
  • Scrubs is amazing. Has anybody else noticed the Freud-lookalike character wandering around the hospital at times, though? I keep looking for significance to the timing of his characters appearances (stupid Honors Psychology...) and I'm not doing to great. I really think there might be something to it in that episode in Season 1 where Eliott meets the really hot patient and they finally start going out, and at SOME point in that episode she's talking to Carla (I think) and she stands up and walks away in a hurry and runs into the guy. I don't remember what was said leading up to this, but there has to be something there!
  • I competed in my first ever piano competition today, and I came in second place out of four. The girl who won played Chopin's polonaise in C# minor, and it was absolutely beautiful. Her musical control was astounding, and she CLEARLY won. I kind of wish I knew her better, because I want to develop a relationship with her where we become friendly rivals, pushing each other to new heights... I talked to the girl for a total of five minutes and I'm probably never going to see her agian. But dammit I want that kind of relationship with somebody!
  • I'm building my future repertoire list. I think it should be longer than it is. If you have suggestions, let me know.
  • It is very difficult to watch someone you care for make what you feel is a wrong decision, especially of a romantic nature. Even more so if you are trying to come to terms with the fact that you and he will probably never happen.
  • There's something inherently narcissistic abot keeping a blog. I mean, the entire thing functions on the principle that someone out there actually cares about your unsolicited opinion on a subject that they may or may not want to know about. One could make the argument that it serves as a journal of sorts, and one keeps it for posterity's sake, but that would be a load of bull, because you can keep an actual journal if you wanted to do that. Regardless, I'm glad that you, who are currently reading this, actually care what I have to say. For that, I thank you.
  • The word "narcissism" and it's various forms are awkward to say and write. The repeated "s" makes you stop and think, hmm. Have I said enough "s"es? And then when you haven't, or if you've said too much, you feel stupid.
  • My online english "class" from last semester, which was a source of much annoyance in my life, has left an impression on me. The only think I learned in the entire thing came from the writing assignments we were given... "Remember, when you make mistakes in grammar and spelling, you mock your own convictions."
  • I want to write my own music, but I'm terrified that I will suck at it. Also, I'm impatient, and don't want to take the time to actually notate whatever it is I write.
  • One of the things I will miss most about home when I go to Indiana is the cooking. E has spoiled us. Those mashed potatoes last night were outstanding... I'm just glad I'll be home for my birthday (most likely) so I can get homemade carrot cake for that.

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Allec said...

Do you find it weird that I read all these? I find this fascinating...but I'm such a creeper! I don't even know you officially!

Oh, and you're wrong about the online-journaling. I post up blogs online, not because I want people to read it, but because I'm curious to see who will read and know that, really, no one ever does :]