Monday, March 30, 2009


I love love love Durham, NC. I went to visit my friend C yesterday, because her theatre group, the Durham Savoyards was putting on a production of Gilbert and Sullivan's The Gondoliers. I met C at her house, and then we went to go eat at the Mad Hatter's, which is this coffee/café place.
I'm just going to go ahead and say that I love how Durham has stuff to do. There are all of these really cool restaurants and shops that I saw when I was hanging out with K (after C had to go in for hair and makeup and stuff). We don't have anything like the Mad Hatter or Locopops or anything near where I live. (Maybe in Winston, but I don't spend enough time in Winston to know where anything cool is.)
Do you ever go to see someone who you remember that you really liked, but when you see them again, you're strongly reminded why?
That happened with C and K. They're amazing, and I love them.
I also got to meet C's boyfriend, B. I was really glad I got the chance too, since everything I'd heard about him from C was good. He was really nice and very sweet. Cute, too. He was also in the show.
Although, I think it's cool that I could TOTALLY get back to C's house without directions now.

I've begun planning for prom in earnest. I know it's not for another 47 days (yes, I have a countdown on my computer) but I really like this process of figuring out who's in the group I'm going with, where we're going to eat, where we're going for pictures, and everything. My friend G is an event planner, and she seems to really like her job, so I'm thinking about maybe doing that if music doesn't work out.
I'm thinking about a lot of things if music doesn't work out, actually: culinary school, event planner, sign language interpreter (even though I don't speak- speak? is that the right term?- sign language)...

That was kind of a rambly post. Sorry about that.


Allec said...

You are lucky. There is hardly anything like that here--you need a car to get to anywhere and it's a ten minute drive.

And I'm glad you also have friends interested in Prom, hehe. I imagine I'll be the only one in my friend group even remotely enthusiastic.

I hope you have fun, though!

Miss Grace said...

I'm so honored to have earned a mention in your blog. :-) You would make a fabulous event planner - and by the way, my backup plan is STILL culinary school.

And I love Durham too. It's where I work, and sometimes play. Take care, darling!