Monday, March 9, 2009

I dislike titles

I had auditions this weekend for all-state band. I found out the results today... (drumroll)

... and I didn't get in. On one hand, I'm disappointed because this is my last chance to make all state band. But on the other hand, I'm not phenomenally disappointed because it doesn't matter all that much. I'm going to college and it's going to be awesome. Speaking of college, dad suggested other double-major possibilities today: Economics or English. I think I'm pretty much set on going to OU. And yes, K. I will continue writing here. You can come visit whenever you want to :)

Psychologists think way too much. Some things simply do not need to be explained.

I will be glad when festival is over. You can only play three pieces of music for so long before you want to put them in a shredder. You know, for something called "festival," it's really not all that festive. It actually causes rather high levels of stress.

I wore flip-flops today, albeit briefly. I love when the weather starts to get warmer.

My shampoo is the same blue-green as his hair when I met him first. Why am I awkward?


chupakitty said...

the last two lines are intriguing.

aaaaand I wish you were going to UNCG. oklahoma makes me sad.

Robert said...

I wish I was going to the same university as you, too. If it makes you feel better, you were at the top of the list of pros to going to UNCG.

But I had to ignore that because I decided to not go to a college based on who else was going there.

I'll miss you terribly.