Saturday, March 28, 2009


The North Carolina General Assembly is approving the state budget soon. Unfortunately, they're considering cutting the funding for Governor's School in half. This would eliminate one of the campuses, so there would no longer be GSE and GSW, there would just be GS, like there was before '78. Having gone to GS, I feel very strongly that the budget should not be cut. I understand that times are hard all around, but surely there are other ways to cut back. Governor's School is by far the best educational experience I've ever had, and is one of the best general experiences I've ever had. I'm having difficulty verbalizing what it is I feel; that's how much this bothers me. I'm writing a letter to the general assembly... I might call Julia Howard. No, I WILL call Julia Howard. Like, this bothers me more than the defense of marriage bill, which is kind of wierd, because the defense of marriage bill affects me personally, and the GS budget cut doesn't, since I've already been to Governor's School.
I'm having trouble with my letter, because it should be consise, but compelling at the same time. Normally I don't have issues with that, but this time... I feel so stongly about this that I can't say what it is that I need to say.
Luther Setzer is making it worse. This guy went to GS in the '80s and evidently he didn't like it. He's going on ad nauseum about how a Dual Enrollment course could be more useful to a potential student because it gives you college credit hours in whatever, and blah blah blah. Granted, the facts behind the points he makes are correct. However, he's an anti-social person. He said so himself. Of COURSE being on a campus with 400 people who you're kind of supposed to interact with for six weeks is going to be unpleasant if you don't like being around people... it just... ah.
I can't even say it. He's so unbelievably irritating. And what makes it worse is the fact that he's not only presenting his opinion in an intelligent, consice, and respectful way, and that makes it so difficult for me to dislike him and dismiss what he has to say.
I just don't understand, even if you didn't like it, the vast majority of the people who attended DID like it. Why would you argue with the people who are trying to save it when it's not going to affect you in the slightest?
It's just so irritating.

And I don't know how to flirt. Twice in the past few weeks I've been hit on by a cute guy, and I had absolutely no idea what to do. Evidently I flirt shamelessly with girls, but I don't know that I'm doing it. AAAAAAAAH.

I've been pent up inside all day. It frustrates me.
Can you tell?


Brittany said...

Haha, and when I attended the informational meeting they proudly proclaimed that Governor's School would be completely unaffected by budget cuts.

Allec said...

Pennsylvania did the same thing--only, I think it's all gone. I'm not sure.

Good luck on your quest.

And I was once told that when you like someone, you just flirt. That apparently is all to it.

My problem is that I can't tell if someone is flirting with me...then one ever does :]

Bozy said...

Throw the caution to the wind!

The next time they flirt with you do whatever pops into your head first.

Luke Setzer said...

I found your blog while searching Google for my own full name (Luther Setzer). Regarding Governor's School, I am glad to know my efforts are making an impact. Regarding flirting, get Nathaniel Branden's book THE PSYCHOLOGY OF ROMANTIC LOVE which applies to everyone, male or female, straight or gay.